This page will contain resources and documents that could be helpful in any number of ways, including sample forms, contracts and letters, links to other organizations, laws and regulations affecting our industry, and more.

Accreditation Issues

Several members have reported problems with surveyors who insist that a credentialed respiratory therapist is required for some product or service they offer. That is highly unlikely; although it would probably not be appropriate to provide any kind of ventilator service, including non-invasive, without a therapist none is required by Alabama law.

If that happens to you, show the surveyor this document, calling their attention to the scope of practice and the highlighted section on exemptions. They can verify the contents here:

All of the materials that we already have or know about will be included, and we will be happy to find and add anything you may suggest, if it is practical to do so.

Suggestions will always be welcomed.

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