The Plan WILL Work!

November 05, 2017 1:12 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

While following all related news and comparing our current position to similar times in the recent past, I remain 95% confident that the plans in place will produce adopted legislation that will increase Medicare payments for non-contracted providers on January 1, 2018, followed closely by CURES-like payments for all claims processed in 2017.

One of the ways we could get HR4229 passed is by hooking it to a CR (continuing resolution), which is looking more and more likely. From The Hill:

"Both chambers take a recess the week of Thanksgiving, further squeezing the legislative timeline.  

When lawmakers return, they will have just two weeks until the Dec. 8 deadline, which has sparked some talk of passing a continuing resolution (CR), a stopgap measure that keeps government funding unchanged. Republican leadership is even considering pushing the whole debate into February, a last resort that Democrats oppose." Read more...

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